Europe – Teams of Trainers




Euracle organises training sessions for the members of the EURAXESS network and of the Charter and Code promoters' network. Several sessions should take place in 2009.


In this framework, Euracle wants to identify trainers who would be interested to be part of the training teams :


General information


·          7 years of relevant experience in communication strategy, communication skills and personal development

·          3 yeays of experience in quality and client management, PR and marketing, networking and multicultural communication

·          Duration: +/- 8 days per year (2009)

·          Location of the assignment: Brussels - Thessaloniki


Topics to train


·          communication strategy: guiding the participants in the elaboration and implementation of a communication plan, tips and tricks on the best way to use communication tools (web editorial, web organisation…)

·          Public Relations (PR) and marketing: key elements on PR mix, different target groups and audiences, media relationship and coverage, enhancement of the public image…

·          Event organisation: how to run events, details which make the difference, planning, management of the process and follow-up…

·          Networking and multicultural communication: improvement of communication between members of EURAXESS, better understanding of the cultural differences, increasing of the level of cooperation between members…

·          Quality and client management: how to perform better, tips and tricks to facilitate the day-to-day work in an information centre, provision and use of the main quality management tools, efficient management of the client relationship…


Additional information


·          Via email

·          Deadline for submission : on-going process



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