EURAXESS services centres (EU/Belgium)
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Around 200 EURAXESS services centres are located in 35 countries and support the researchers moving to or within Europe. EURAXESS services assists them in the preparation of their stay, in their settlement and integration in the country. EURAXESS offers concrete, comprehensive and up-to-date information to researchers enabling them to manage efficiently their career.
Euracle is organising training sessions dedicated to the reinforcement of the managerial and personal skills of the EURAXESS staff member to consolidate their capacity to assist researchers in the future.

Examples of activities and tools implemented :
  • Design of training programmes
  • Elaboration of the content
  • Organisation of the training sessions
  • Provision of the training courses
  • Conception and moderation of team building sessions
  • Management of the training sessions
  • Follow up of the training sessions
EURAXESS Training Session in Malta
EURAXESS Training Session in Varna

Euracle is already preparing the training session to take place in Thessaloniki in September 2009.

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