This section is dedicated to the experts who would like to be aware of the latest missions opportunities and submit their CV.

Current opportunities

Europe - Future opportunities
Experts (junior or senior) in innovation, enterprise EU policy, organisation of events, trade in agriculture, b2b organisation. Please submit your CV.

Europe - Teams of Trainers
Several trainers with at least 3 or 7 years of experience in legal issues for reseachers, PR and marketing, event organisation, networking and communication, quality and client management, personal development, communication...

Submit your CV

Every expert has the opportunity to submit his/her CV via simple mail.

Here you do not need to fill in heavy forms. Just use your email to forward your CV. CVs in English and/or French are welcome. In your mail message, we encourage you to provide us with basic information that will be very useful for the classification of your CV:
  • Your 3 main areas of expertise

  • Your highest education level

  • Your geographical experience

  • Your number of years of experience

In case you want to reply to one of the mission opportunities, please mention the reference number of the ad.

To submit your CV, please click here !